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Temporary Power Generators

Temporary Power Generator Installations

We have a broad range of experience in installing generators ranging from 30kVa – 2500kVa. We install generators across the UK, with past installation projects including banks, data centres, financial institutions, hospitals, hotels, residential and office buildings.

We offer all electrical and mechanical works required and once installed and commissioned, we will supply end user training to ensure the customer can operate the generator controls once commissioned.  We can manage the whole process!


Our Generator Installation services include:

  • Offload and Position

  • Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems

  • Exhausts Systems

  • Fuel and Cooling Pipe Work Systems

  • Steel Work

  • Attenuation

  • Ventilation

  • Control Panels

  • Power and Control Cabling

  • Earthing

  • Testing and Commissioning

We will work closely with the customer, from start to finish, ensuring the generator is installed and commissioned safely, on time and with minimal disruption to your business.

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