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Earthing & Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection Services

Lightning flashes to structures can be hazardous to people, as well as to the structures themselves, their contents and installations. The possible types of damage are injuries to living beings due to step and touch voltage; physical damage (fire, explosion and mechanical destruction) due to lightning current effects; and failure of internal systems due to lightning electromagnetic impulse (LEMP). This is why the application of lightning protection measures is essential. The need for protection, the economic benefits of installing protection measures and the selection of adequate protection measures should be determined in terms of risk management.

A lightning protection system designed and installed to the latest British standard (BS EN 62305) reduces the risk of damage to a structure and the systems and people within it.


Lightning protection services offered by Wisbech Electrical include:


Full lightning protection systems for buildings and other structures, together with surge protection for their contents, can be designed and installed by Wisbech Electrical to divert high levels of electrical current generated by lightning strikes. Their purpose is to carry the current safely to earth and ensure the continued functioning of equipment, the protection of the building or structure, and the safety of the people inside.

Lightning protection systems are designed for high frequency applications with lightning current peaking over a very short time period. Our sophisticated protection systems meet all the relevant British standards and are installed by our own fully trained and accredited engineers.

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