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Fire Alarm Installation & Testing

Fire Alarm Installation and Testing

From initial design consultation to the annual fire alarm maintenance, we are able to fully meet the fire safety needs of your business. 

Some of our services include:

  • Fire Alarm System Design

  • Fire Alarm System Installation

  • Fire Alarm System Commissioning

  • Fire Alarm Maintenance

  • Fire Alarm Servicing

Testing and Maintenance of Fire Protection Measures

We provide a full and complete service for the testing of fire alarms and fire protection systems.

The fire risk assessor needs to ensure that there are adequate arrangements for testing and maintenance of all fire protection measures. There is also a need to ensure that the workplace itself is adequately maintained in order to avoid certain fire hazards. Attention is drawn to the requirements of the relevant fire safety legislation for testing and maintenance of fire precautions required by that legislation, and for testing and maintenance of facilities, systems and equipment required under other legislation (e.g. building regulations) for the use by, or safety of, fire-fighters. Recommendations for testing and maintenance of systems are given in the relevant British Standards for the particular systems and equipment.

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